Elsewhere: Artisanal Ashkenazi, focusing on Hasidim, papal visit parsed

Julie Wiener

Artisanal Ashkenazi: Young New York foodies are revamping deli classics like bagels and borscht to make them more flavorful and sophisticated.(N.Y. Times)


Focusing on Hasidim: Israeli photographer Pavel Wolberg’s images offer a glimpse inside the insular Hasidic world. (Slate)


Papal visit parsed: In overanalyzing each detail of the pope’s Mideast trip to prove their cause is more righteous, both sides demonstrate the “politicized-to-the-point-of- meaninglessness nature of Israel-Palestine discourse,” Max Fisher writes. (Vox)


Ashes laid to rest: In an unusual funeral ceremony in Durham, N.C., a rabbi buried crematorium ashes an American G.I. brought over from Dachau. (Religion News Service)


Segregating Ethiopian immigrants: Efforts to help Ethiopian Israelis are ineffective because they fail to integrate this population with larger society, Shula Mola and Ziva Mekonen-Degu write. (Times of Israel)

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