Elsewhere: Arab letter to Israelis, jailhouse Jews, Zionism’s bureaucratic goldmines

Julie Wiener

An Arab letter to Israelis: Lebanese commentator Abdullah Hamidaddin reflects on how his views of Jews have evolved since his childhood in Lebanon during that country’s civil war. (Al Arabiya)
Jailhouse Jews: Daniel Genis, a Jewish ex-con, describes the strange community of Israelis, Hasidic Jews and “bad High Holiday Jews” that formed at New York’s Greenhaven Correctional Facility. (Daily Beast)
Zionism’s bureaucratic goldmines: Overlooked by the media and many young politicians, Israel’s legacy institutions offer unsavory pols opportunities for patronage jobs and other goodies, writes Anshel Pfeffer. (Haaretz)
India’s Jewish heritage tourism: A growing number of tour guides are catering to visitors interested in Mumbai’s synagogues, Jewish cemeteries and other Jewish historic sites. (Times of India)
‘Jewish state’ condition: Benjamin Netanyahu’s current insistence that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state has more to do with public relations than Zionism, writes Colin Shindler. (N.Y. Times)

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