Elsewhere: An American Jew in Iranian prison, gentiles play Jews, Technion’s mass-appeal MOOC

An American Jew in Iranian prison: Josh Fattal spent nearly 26 months in prison in Iran and bonded with Iranian inmates despite prohibitions on contact. (L.A. Times)

Technion releases a MOOC for the masses: A massive open online course (MOOC) in Arabic released by the Technion responds to the hunger for education in the Middle East, Thomas Friedman writes.  (N.Y. Times)

The Jews who pulled off Romania’s biggest bank heist: A new film, “Closer to the Moon,” examines the six Jewish intellectuals who pulled off the biggest bank heist in Communist Romania’s history.  (Tablet)

Top 11 gentiles who played Jews: Two contenders for this year’s Best Actor Oscar are gentiles playing Jews; Adam Langer lists the top 11 gentile-as-Jew performances.  (Forward)

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