Elsewhere: Amazon sells denial, Pittsburgh’s long-distance candidate, Cory cribs from Golda

Denial for sale: Amazon sells Holocaust-denying and anti-Semitic books online, including in countries where such content is banned, an online magazine finds.  (The Kernel)

Rabbi with a reputation: Rabbi Mendel Epstein, who was arrested last  week and accused of plotting to kidnap men who refused to grant divorces  to their wives, had a reputation as a vigilante. (N.Y. Jewish Week)

Long-distance long-shot: The Republican nominee for mayor of Pittsburgh is currently living in the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh. (Jerusalem Post)

Hasidic music master: A Brooklyn octogenarian carries on a hasidic sect’s renowned musical tradition.  (NPR)

Cory cribs from Golda: New Jersey’s next U.S. senator, Cory Booker, adapts a line from Golda Meir in his victory speech. (Tablet)

Daniel Treiman is a contributing writer to JTA.