Do older singles need to settle?

Laurie Goldberg

By Laurie Goldberg

I recently bought a book titled, “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough” by Lori Gottlieb. It’s specifically geared toward older singles and I’m very curious — and skeptical — about its premises. I’m also open-minded and open to suggestions, so I thought maybe I need to read a book like this.

At this stage in our life, do we older singles need to settle for less because our time is running out to find someone? Do we not have the luxury of having a “list of must-haves” anymore? Especially if we still want children?

Do I need to give up more of my “list” at age 45 than I might have done at age 25? And if so, what are the repercussions? And is that pushing me over the line to desperation? I’ll take anyone? Even the title of the book makes me feel sad. But maybe that’s just too bad. Maybe it’s time for some tough love.

I’d like to hear the book’s answer to the above questions. Heck I’m 45 and I still haven’t found Mr. Right. Maybe the author is on to something…maybe I’ve been looking for the wrong guy.

The cover flap says “Maybe she (the author at age 40), and single women everywhere, needed to stop chasing the elusive Prince Charming and instead go for Mr. Good Enough.”

Maybe I do need to shorten my list. But I have a feeling this book is going for a mindset change, not just a list change.

OK. Go ahead. I’m squirming but I’ll listen. Make the case.