Covenant Foundation awards Jewish education grants


The foundation’s first grants for 2012, which were announced Wednesday, are part of approximately $1.7 million to be distributed this year, according to the foundation. They support “initiatives across the landscape of Jewish educational experiences, settings and audiences, and propel innovative work in technology, new media, youth engagement and community building through education,” according to a statement by the foundation. 

Recipients include ConverJent, $65,000 over two years to design, develop and roll out the first Jewish history-focused mobile game app; G-dcast, $100,000 over two years for the Media Beit Midrash program, which will engage college-age animators to study and learn about the minor prophets and their teachings, and to creatively interpret and present these in short films distributed on G’dcast social media and digital platforms; and Citizen Film, 20,000 to establish a program for university Jewish studies educators to enhance the use of digital media and storytelling in their scholarship, and disseminate it widely using social media platforms.

“With these new grants, The Covenant Foundation is encouraging new and unique ways of teaching, learning and interacting, and promoting Jewish education—in its multitude of forms and platforms—to drive the growth and strengthening of Jewish community into the new century,” said Eli Evans, chairman of the foundation’s board of directors.

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