Bill Lobbying


Earlier this month, a group of Jewish community members (and some Christian allies) traveled to Jefferson City to lobby on behalf of anti-BDS legislation in the Missouri Legislature (SB 849 and HB 2179). The group attended to show their support of the bill during the Senate floor debate. Some of the people attending were (from left) AJC-St. Louis Director Nancy Lisker, JCRC Senior Policy Associate Gavriela Geller, past JCRC Board President Harvey Schneider, JCRC Policy Chair Arlene Stiffman, Chayaraizel Flaks, State Sen. Jill Schupp (a co-sponsor of the bill), Ron Fredman, JCRC Executive Director Maharat Rori Picker Neiss, JCRC Board Member Paul Kravitz, Fran Kravitz, Michael Ginsburg and lobbyist David Winton.