1970s Jewish Light Trivia

1.  How much money did Jewish Federation dole out to local agencies in 1973?

A.  $1 million

B.  $1.7 million

C.. $2.4 million

D.  $3.8 million


2.  How much did pickled brisket cost at Simon Kohn’s in an April 1979 ad?

A.  99 cents a pound

B.  $1.49 a pound

C.  $2.09 a pound

D.  $2.49 a pound


3.  On Nov. 7, 1979, the obituary of what noted anti-Semite ran in the Jewish Light?

A.  Henry Ford

B.  Bobby Fischer

C.  Rev. Charles Coughlin

D.  Josef Mengele


4.   Quoted in the Jewish Light in 1976, which independent presidential candidate visited St. Louis and remarked “To vote for Jimmy Carter to get rid of Gerald Ford is to vote for very little.”?

A.  John Anderson

B.  Eugene McCarthy

C.  Lyndon LaRouche

D.  George Wallace


5.  In 1979, which shul marked its 100th anniversary and celebrated its status as the oldest Orthodox synagogue in the area?

A.  Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol

B.  Nusach Hari B’nai Zion

C.  Bais Abraham

D.  Tpheris Israel Chevra Kadisha


Answers:   1.  B;  2.. D;  3.  C;   4.  B;  5.  A