Ask the Third Graders | Getting left out and seeing the fun on social media

Question: A group of my daughter’s best friends had a sleepover and didn’t invite her. My daughter found out about it because the girls posted Tik Toks while they were together. Her feelings are really hurt. How should she deal with that?

More from Alexa and Madeline: It’s hard to understand that not everyone can be invited to everything. And it‘s hard not to wonder why your best friends would exclude you from their plans. It might be a good idea to communicate your feelings to them and if they are good friends, they will try and make you feel better and they would be honest and tell you if there was a reason why they didn’t include you. Or, you could try and make a plan to hang out with them and if they’re not wanting to spend time with you, then think of other friends you could focus your attention on instead.