Women’s Auxiliary St. Louis 
Mikvah Association

4 Millstone Campus Drive

St. Louis, Mo. 63146

314-569-2770, ext. 114

This local organization was formed to strengthen the observance of family purity. The association has a speaker’s bureau, and members conduct tours of the Millstone Campus mikvah and lectures for schools, local youth organizations and other interested groups. The Women’s Judaica Library at the Millstone Campus mikvah is open to all Jewish women in the community. Any Jewish woman is welcome to join the organization.

The Millstone Campus mikvah is open by appointment every evening except Shabbat and Jewish holiday evenings. A satellite mikvah, open only for use on Shabbat and Jewish holiday evenings, is located at Young Israel, 8101 Delmar Boulevard. For appointments, call 314-569-2770, ext. 14.