Torah MiTzion Kollel

7741 Gannon Avenue

St. Louis, Mo. 63130

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Bnot Sherut: Atara Yeres, Ayelet Stern, Dassi Bar-Yuda, Shir Kedem

Through dedicated Israel shlichim, or emissaries, the Torah MiTzion Kollel promotes the ideals of Torat Israel, Am Israel and Eretz Israel. The shlichim come to St. Louis for one to three years to provide formal and informal educational activities in many community settings including community synagogues and Jewish schools. Our aim is to strengthen Zionism, Jewish identity and Torah knowledge in all sectors of the Jewish community.

This year we are once again sponsoring four “Bnot Sherut” (listed above) to come to the St. Louis community. These young women are part of the Sherut Leumi program, a voluntary national service for Israeli women deeply committed to the State of Israel. In their second year of service, they can apply to serve in Diaspora communities worldwide. The St. Louis Bnot Sherut teach in Jewish day schools and in several supplemental schools and synagogues. With the help of the Bnot Sherut, Torah Mitzion Kollel also runs the Ralph and Annette Raskas chapter of Bnei Akiva, a weekly Shabbat program for Jewish youth from second through eighth grades.  Bnei Akiva also provides leadership training for our teenaged counselors and holds several Shabbatons and other special programs throughout the school year.

Michael Shapiro is President.