St. Louis Kollel

8200 Delmar Boulevard

St. Louis, Mo. 63124

314-726-6047 • fax: 314-863-0820

email: [email protected]

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Rabbi Menachem Greenblatt, Rosh Kollel/Dean

Rabbi Chona Muser, Mashgiach Ruchani

Rabbi Yerachmiel Frank, Rosh Chabura

The purpose of the St. Louis Kollel is to allow accomplished rabbis to perpetuate the study of Torah and to provide genuine Jewish experiences and educational opportunities for Jewish men and women of all backgrounds and affiliations. 

The Kollel, founded in 1991 by Rabbi Menachem Greenblatt, is the only organization of its kind in Missouri, with 10 rabbis and a staff all dedicated to supporting the study of Jewish law, philosophy and tradition. Kollel members endeavor to foster Jewish unity, ensure continuity, strengthen the community and inspire a sense of Jewish identity to a broad range of individuals of various ages, backgrounds and levels of knowledge through myriad weekly classes and programs. There are no membership dues, and all Jews are welcome to attend.

The Kollel has a full range of educational classes, social programs and special events, including classes and programs in local synagogues, one-on-one chavrusa learning, home study groups, lunch and learn, daily classes in Jewish law and Mishna, as well as classes in Talmud, Chumash and more. The Amud-A-Week program offers opportunity for Talmud study through a virtual chavrusa using audio-video presentations each week.

 In collaboration with Aish HaTorah, the Kollel began a successful “Partners in Torah” program held weekly at the JCC. The Kollel offers “Eishes Chayil” Women’s Division programming and the Jewish Ethics Institute, which now includes Jewish Business Ethics and Jewish Legal Ethics in addition to the successful “Two Tablets” Jewish Medical Ethics progam. Torah & Turf (for football lovers) combines weekly Torah study with flag football and has now been at the hub of an expansion to a national league level. The Senior Kollel offers social, educational and wellness programming to nurture the mind, body and spirit of seniors ages 50 and above.

Social programming includes Shabbat and holiday celebrations, Hanukkah and Purim parties, melave malka and summer BBQs. The “Yarchei Kallah” Annual Summer Learning Program provides an opportunity for men, women and teens to experience intensive in-depth Torah learning and special guest lectures. 

“Jewish Unity Live,” is the Kollel’s signature event, a celebration of Jewish learning held annually at different venues throughout the community. The Kollel’s recent division, “Professional Placements of St. Louis” offers assistance in placing new professionals in our community in many areas of business and industry.

The Kollel publishes a weekly newsletter, “Family Torah Journal,” which is distributed to hundreds of individuals in St. Louis and throughout the world. The Kollel Bookstore offers Jewish books, newspapers, magazines, tzitzit, kippot, mezuzot, a full line of kosher wines, Judaic items and more.

Mayer S. Klein is President.