St. Louis Jewish Community Listserv (STLJCL)


• To subscribe, email [email protected]

• To post, email [email protected]

The St. Louis Jewish Community Listserv is a free service hosted by and monitored by community moderators Barbara Ast, Jill M. Mogil, Debby Schuman and Janet Weinberg. STLJCL’s goal is to connect those in our local community to goods, services, events, employment, etc. Once you join the Listserv, you’ll receive messages in an emailed daily digest and you’ll be able to start posting messages as well. In addition, advertising is available at no charge to non-profit companies. From Thanksgiving to Dec. 31, the Listserv will also post for-profit company ads at no charge, with the request of a donation to the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry or Tomchei Shabbos.