Singing Jewish grandfather back with video asking people to get vaccinated



Do you remember all the hub-bub one Jewish grandfather caused back in July when he took to song with the single goal of getting all of us to mask up? His name is Michael Kramer, and his song was called “You’ve Got to Wear a Mask.”

Kramer’s lyrics were simple and encouraged people to be patriotic and thoughtful and wear that mask, reminding us that the mask “goes over the snout, under the mouth.” The video went viral after it appeared in a feature story by Lior Saltzman of Kveller.  Kramer is the grandfather of three and father of Kveller contributor Samantha Taylor.

Well, Kramer is back, only this time he’s hoping to get his fellow Americans to stop fearing and start loving the Covid-19 vaccine. His new song is “Roll Up Your Sleeves.”

According to Saltzman in a new follow-up, “like his previous video, this song is also a digitally stitched-together duet — in which Kramer does two sets of vocals (and you can hear his upbeat piano in the background, as well). This new video features Kramer — whom his grandkids know as Papa — playing two different characters. On the left of our screens is a blue shirt-clad Kramer, donning a baseball cap, who has already gotten the vaccine; his “clone” and duet partner, sitting to his right, with a pink bouquet between them, is a bit of a vaccine skeptic.”

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