Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School

348 S. Mason Road

St. Louis, Mo. 63141

314-576-6177 • fax: 314-576-3624

email: [email protected]



Cheryl Maayan, Head of School

Patty Bloom, Director of Admissions

Lee’at Bachar Koertel, Associate Director of Admissions

Margo Newman, Director of Development

Mirowitz students have it all: a hands-on, academically rigorous curriculum, lessons in social responsibility and meaningful Jewish learning. 

During their nine years (K-8) at Mirowitz, students travel nearly 18,000 miles to restore prairies, lobby elected officials, test water quality of streams, pick vegetables on a kibbutz and walk in the footsteps of MLK. As they do so, they joyfully connect with their heritage and develop skills for a lifetime of leadership.  

Our integrated general and Jewish studies curriculum aims for the infinite potential of elementary and middle school education. Nine outdoor learning labs offer opportunities for children to think deeply, to strengthen teamwork skills and to gain a deeper understanding of our collective responsibility to better the world. Music, art, band, physical education and drama complement the academic program. Our campus includes a pond, nature trail, prairie, vegetable garden, butterfly gardens, sensory garden, playing fields and playgrounds.

Mirowitz’s pluralistic community represents the diversity of the Jewish community. With an enrollment of 180 students in grades K-8, Mirowitz is committed to a small student-teacher ratio to maximize individualized attention. Lunches are prepared in a kosher kitchen using only the healthiest locally sourced or organic foods — some grown in the school’s own garden. 

Mirowitz is accredited by ISACS, and offers a full-day kindergarten, as well as pre-care and post-care. Financial assistance is available. 

Barbara Green is Board President.