Next Dor STL

5062 Waterman Blvd.

St. Louis, Mo. 63108

email: [email protected]

Aaron Sassoon, President

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Next “Dor” (Hebrew for “generation”) is an organization for the next generation of the Jewish community looking for a home in St. Louis. Next Dor has a house in the Central West End with three fellows who live in the house and plan and host events for the young adult Jewish community. We believe that building this community in the city is not only beneficial to the St. Louis Jewish community but to greater St. Louis as a whole. We strive to bring and keep young talent in St. Louis by connecting and supporting our members. We are recognized throughout the community as a pluralistic place to have innovative, meaningful experiences based on our four pillars of: Community Building, Empowering Young Jewish Leaders, Tikkun Olam, and Nurturing Personal Growth. We collaborate with a diverse group of organizations — both Jewish and non-Jewish — on programs that align with these pillars and encourage our community members to use our space and resources to host events that align to our pillars. In addition to formal programming, the Next Dor house is a place where young Jewish adults can meet, relax and build community. Next Dor offers Jewish learning opportunities, holiday celebrations, community service initiatives, community building activities, an organic garden and more. For more information look at our Facebook page: Next Dor Stl.