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NA’AMAT USA (a Hebrew acronym for working women and volunteers) was founded 92 years ago as Pioneer Women. When NA’AMAT USA was founded in 1925, we were pioneers dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in Israel. 

Today, we are still pioneers helping battered Israeli women at our Glickman Center. It serves as an emergency haven for women of domestic violence, providing residence assistance and long-term counseling.  

Our many facilities range from day care centers to alternative high schools teaching technology and vocational skills. We also have senior centers and meeting places for the volunteers. 

In St. Louis, local chapters meet to support these efforts through advocacy and fundraising to expand the facilities that have been vandalized and hurt by some fires and floods. We support the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival and the St. Louis Jewish Film Festival. Recent efforts in the United States focus on equal rights for women and health issues affecting women.

For tributes, call Cecilia Soibel at 314-372-5260. For scholarship information call Judy Levin at 314-432-0834. 

Beverly Stuhlman and Marcia Nove are co-presidents of St. Louis Council.