Mitzvot from the Heart: Macy Kerner

Macy Kerner based her mitzvah project on performing 10 acts of random kindness. 

Macy Kerner

Congregation Shaare Emeth


Macy loves the quote, “Throw kindness around like confetti.” So much so, that her bat mitzvah theme was confetti and her mitzvah project was performing 10 random acts of kindness. Daughter of Betsy and Ben Kerner of Olivette, Macy hoped that others would be inspired to do acts of kindness as well.

Among the random acts of kindness were:

• Sending a surprise care package to her younger cousins in Orlando, Fla. They were so excited when the package arrived they immediately called to thank her.


• Brightening the day of others as they walked or drove by her house. She decorated a large tree in her front yard with streamers and a metallic star garland. The sign she made said: “I hope when you pass this tree it makes you smile. Have a great day!” 

• Giving some of her friends a candy bar with a note to “have a sweet day.” It definitely made them smile.

• Writing her Old Bonhomme fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Shockley, a letter letting her know made a big impact on Macy’s life. They really connected and Macy still thinks of her today. 

• Paying for the person’s drink in the car behind her at a Starbucks drive-thru.

• Baking chocolate chip cookies for her four team teachers and her Spanish teacher at Ladue Middle School. She also made chocolate chip muffins for the women and their families at the Room at the Inn, a homeless shelter. And, she made dog treats for a neighborhood dog.

• Compiling the recipes of her mother’s best friend, Brooke Hirsch, who passed away from a brain tumor, and making a special cookbook/photo album for her family. Brooke’s family was very touched by Macy’s act of kindness.

In addition, Macy and her mother are members of the local National Charity League (NCL), Inc., a non-profit national organization of mother and daughter members in chapters across the United States. Their mission is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences. 

Through NCL, Macy found our about Angels’ Arms, a nurturing temporary group home for foster children dedicated to keeping brothers and sisters together until a forever home is found. Macy wanted to help out a foster family living in O’Fallon by making them a home-cooked meal. She made them a delicious lasagna dinner and it was greatly appreciated.

“I learned that all the little acts matter, and can make a big difference,” said Macy. “These were easy acts that anyone can do. It’s so easy to be kind. I hope you will feel inspired to perform an act of kindness.”