Mitzvot from the heart: Jeremy Alport

Jeremy Alport

Jeremy Alport, Temple Emanuel

Residents at the Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield’s nursing home had the good fortune to hear Jeremy play the piano and clarinet several times a month. Son of Stephanie and Richard Alport of Chesterfield, Jeremy wanted to share his music with those who do not get to hear live music very often. Jeremy chose this location because a great-grandparent and a great-great grandparent of his resided there at one time. 

On occasion, Jeremy brought some of his friends to accompany him on the Saturday afternoons he played; violinist Shoshana Weinstein and vocalist Megan Baris. Their lunchtime performances always had an excited crowd. According to resident Fred Herr, “The music is calming and helps break up the monotony of the day.”

At the beginning, Jeremy was very nervous playing in front of everyone. This mitzvah project helped build his confidence, especially in preparing for his bar mitzvah. 

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A student at Parkway Central Middle School, Jeremy said, “I feel good about the impact the music is having on the residents.”  Although his bar mitzvah has passed, Jeremy and his friends continue to entertain the residents once a month.

Jeremy also donated a portion of the money he received in gifts to the NCJW Back to School Store, an event that donates new clothing and school supplies to needy inner-city children.