Mitzvot from the heart: Evan Sundermeyer

Evan Sundermeyer (right) with a friend at the fundraising walk he organized.

Evan Sundermeyer, United Hebrew Congregation

In the process of deciding what to do for his mitzvah project, Evan Sundermeyer of Chesterfield decided to organize a fundraising walk to benefit two charities close to his heart. Holding a walk seemed like a great way to get people together, have a good time and do some good.

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Evan, son of Susan Sundermeyer and Chuck Sundermeyer, chose to help the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) in part because he has life-threatening food allergies. FAAN is dedicated to helping those diagnosed with food allergies through education, political advocacy, spreading allergy awareness and funding for research and development.  

The Lung Cancer Connection (LCC) was the second charity Evan wanted to support, in memory of his good friend and karate teacher, Sensei Bruce Goldberg. LCC is a St. Louis-based non-profit organization determined to help fight lung cancer. They provide support, education and funding for the treatment of those diagnosed with lung cancer.  Bruce’s widow, Barb Goldberg, is a close family friend and very involved with the organization.

To help raise awareness and raise funds for the two organizations, Evan held a three-mile walk last fall at the walking track of St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield. More than 50 people came to the walk, and others who couldn’t attend sent in donations.

Evan found that even people he hadn’t seen in a few years came to show their support.

Evan raised more than $2,000 for the charities and hopes to make the walk an annual event – to take place around the Jewish New Year. Evan said he thinks it’s a good way to start each New Year.

Mitzvot from the Heart is compiled by Editorial Assistant Elise Krug.