Mitzvot from the heart: Cole Gaby

For his mitzvah project, Cole Gaby raised money for Autism Speaks.

Cole Gaby | Temple Emanuel

Cole’s mitzvah project raised money and awareness for Autism Speaks, an advocacy organization that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities. 

“Autism Speaks is very important to me because I am autistic and the funds raised go to help people like me get the services that we need to help us learn how to get through day to day life,” said Cole, son of Sally and Craig Gaby of Chesterfield.

Prior to the annual Austism Speaks Walk in Forest Park, Cole worked hard at raising money for several months. He and his friends and family collected money outside the Walmart in Manchester, Mo. for many weekends. He also sent out more than 100 letters requesting support and donations. 

Last October about 30 people joined Cole for the walk. His brother, Jake, also got involved by recruiting his BBYO friends to help. 

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Cole made custom T-shirts for his guests to wear. He still gets very excited when he sees a friend in one all these months later. 

In the end, Cole, a student at Parkway Central Middle School, raised more than $4,200. “Cole is so proud of himself, as he should be,” said his mother.