Mitzvot from the Heart: Alex Kemppainen

Alex Kemppainen

Alex Kemppainen

Temple Israel

“It’s sad when anyone is really sick, but especially if it’s a kid.  I would want people to help my family, if I were in that situation,” said Alex.

Son of Susan and John Kemppainen of Frontenac, Alex chose the Ronald McDonald House for his mitzvah project because “they give families a free place to stay that’s like a home.” He chose the West County location near Mercy Hospital because it’s where his grandfather’s medical office is located. “I wanted to give to a place that helps people at his hospital,” Alex said.

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Using his own money he saved from birthday gifts and his bar mitzvah, Alex purchased food and necessary household supplies for the house; 21 bags in total. “I bought snacks and food I would want to eat if I were hanging out at home…chips, popcorn, pretzels, mac ‘n’ cheese, spaghetti, and cereal. I also got dishwasher soap and other things they would need to keep the place clean,” said Alex.

A student a Ladue Middle School, Alex delivered the bags personally and received a private tour of the facility. “It feels really good to do something to help others, and that’s exactly what a mitzvah project is all about,” he said. “When I toured the Ronald McDonald House I was so impressed by how much it feels like a home. Families need a place where they can unwind and feel okay for a little while. There’s a nice kitchen, playground, rec room and laundry room. I was happy to help such a great place.”