Mitzvot form the Heart: Hannah Kornblum

Hannah Kornblum 

Hannah Kornblum, Congregation B’nai Amoona 

The year before her bat mitzvah, Hannah volunteered at the National Council of Jewish Women-St. Louis Section’s Back to School Store (BTTS) by restocking clothing and helping children pick out outfits. She said she was moved to see how excited the boys and girls were when they found that perfect pair of pants or a shirt. Hannah knew she wanted her mitzvah project to support BTSS because of its powerful impact in the community. 

Daughter of Monica and the late Michael Kornblum of Chesterfield, Hannah collected new clothing, coats and school supplies for the BTSS. The “store” serves more than 1,100 St. Louis children in need every year at a one-day event in July. Each child who attends receives a new coat and outfit (including socks and underwear) as well as a backpack stocked with school supplies and a new book. 

NCJW also serves more than 5,000 children year-round through their 11 Kids Community Closets.


Hannah collected items for the BTSS over four months. Included in her bat mitzvah invitation was a note listing what was needed — and her guests were very generous. A few weeks later, Hannah was invited to a BTSS meeting, where she presented her collection and a check. Hannah plans to help out during this year’s BTSS event July 20.

A student at Parkway Central Middle School, Hannah said she really enjoys getting her school supplies ready and organized each year and feels it is very important for all students to start their school year off with all the supplies they will need for the year.

“It was fun to be a ‘personal shopper’ for the kids,” she said. “I enjoyed looking for favorite colors and styles.” 

Hannah is really particular about clothes, and she said she was very patient and attentive to  finding the perfect fit for each child.