Military Museum and Wall of Honor Memorial Centre

Jewish War Veterans of Greater St. Louis

12 Millstone Campus Drive

St. Louis, Mo. 63146


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The Military Museum commemorates over 380 years of Jews in America’s military. Located in the Jewish Federation Building, it exhibits a tribute to the St. Louis area Jewish war veterans killed in action, as well as military artifacts, weapons, decorations and awards contributed by returning service people or their families. Jack Lite, 314-567-1226, has been curator for more than 30 years.

Photo albums containing pictures of military men and women in uniform are in six separate albums for each of the wars in the 20th century. New photos are welcome at any time with accompanying war data and a copy of the back side of the “Separation of Service” document. 

Adjacent in the building’s atrium, a “Wall of Honor” list contains the names of more than 1,000 St. Louis-area Jewish servicemen and women cited for wartime valor and their specific recognitions for actions over and above normal expectations. Additions to the wall are done on a two-year basis based on eligibility requirements. Requirements are listed on the Wall of Honor. For additions to the photo albums project for each war or any other question, contact Jack Lite at 314-567-1226.