Louis and Sarah Block Yeshiva High School

website: www.blockyeshiva.org 

Rabbi Gabriel Munk — Principal

• Business Office/Girls Division:

1146 North Warson Road

St. Louis, Mo. 63132

314-872-8701 • fax: 314-872-8703

email: [email protected]


• Boys Division:

10332 Old Olive Street Road

St. Louis, Mo. 63141


email: [email protected]

The Louis and Sarah Block Yeshiva High School provides a college preparatory program with eight Advanced Placement courses and a traditional text-based Jewish education including four years of Jewish History, Hebrew Language, and Jewish Philosophy. Varsity sports in basketball, soccer, track, and tennis as well as courses in foreign languages and fine arts, drama and studio art supplement the general studies.

Block Yeshiva High School houses a state-of-the-art biology and chemistry laboratory, as well as a large Judaic reference library. Part of Block Yeshiva’s mission is to develop in the students’ emotional “muscle”, as well as strength of character and an ethical approach to life, by encouraging students to invest time and effort in community service.

Scott Andrew is President.