Jews United for Justice

Attn: Ellen Alper, Treasurer

100 Saylesville Drive

Chesterfield, Mo. 63017

email: [email protected]

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Jews United for Justice (JUJ) is a membership organization that was organized almost 20 years ago to be a Jewish voice in the progressive community and a Progressive voice in the Jewish community.  

JUJ has worked on advocacy for the economically disadvantaged Jewish elderly in nursing homes, for workers’ rights and for racial equity in public schools and on raising awareness of the plight of the Jewish poor and the services available to them.   

After the events in Ferguson, JUJ created four work groups, based on the structure of the Ferguson Report. The task forces are: Youth in the Center, Opportunity to Thrive, Diversity Training and Education, and Justice for All. 

For information about these groups and how you can help, visit: 

Between 2006 and 2012, JUJ celebrated both the yahrzeit of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and the anniversary of the birth of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. JUJ recalled their extraordinary work together by honoring individuals in St. Louis’ Jewish and African-American communities who worked together for social justice and peace. 

For the past three years we have focused on the issue of Payday lending, a scourge on Missouri, or in Yiddish, Shanda. Progress has been made and we’ve accomplished tangible results in the city of St. Louis and elsewhere. We are growing movement focusing in getting money out of politics, opposing health care bills that would reduce access to health care and many more burning issues. Join us.