Jewish War Veterans of the USA

12 Millstone Campus Drive

St. Louis, Mo. 63146


Ed Cohen, Commander (636-536-3818)

Founded in 1896 by a group of Jewish Civil War veterans to combat erroneous propaganda that Jews did not fight for their country, the JWV is the nation’s oldest active veterans’ organization.

Locally, JWV is active with Post 644, which provides guidance to veterans and their families in dealing with the Veterans Affairs Department regional office and the two veterans medical centers at Cochran and Jefferson Barracks hospitals. Its two representatives sit on the Veterans Affairs Volunteer Service Organizations Committee, which provides guidance and aid to the medical centers with volunteer help and contributions of needs not otherwise provided under national budget allotments. The groups provide additional support to USO at Lambert St. Louis Airport, the Fort Leonard Wood Army Base and Scott Air Force Base as needs are recognized and met.

JWV membership provides recreational therapy and refreshments to residents of the Missouri Veterans Home and to patients at the Jefferson Barracks Hospital. 

Local group leader is Dennis Cohen, Sr. Veteran Commander, St. Louis Heritage Post 644, 636-532-7172.