Jewish Federation of St. Louis

Andrew Rehfeld

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Andrew Rehfeld, Ph.D., President & CEO

Jewish Federation of St. Louis is the Jewish community’s central philanthropic, planning and community-building organization. Founded in 1901, it is one of the region’s most respected and effective nonprofit organizations. Jewish Federation of St. Louis supports more than 90 agencies, programs and services in St. Louis and around the world to ensure a thriving Jewish community, care for the needy and respond to emergencies. Funds are raised through the Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ annual campaign, targeted campaigns and planned giving opportunities.

Gerry Greiman is Board Chair.

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Jewish Federation’s Core Commitments 

Expand and strengthen an engaged, vibrant and flourishing St. Louis Jewish community.

Secure the well-being and safety of individuals within the Jewish community.

Strengthen our connection to Israel and the Jewish People worldwide.

Develop the financial and human resources and infrastructure needed by our community.

What Jewish Federation does:

Jewish Federation’s mission is to mobilize the Jewish community and its human and financial resources to preserve and enhance Jewish life in St. Louis, in Israel and around the world.

We achieve this mission through our Community Impact and Development teams and through our four Direct Services to the community.  

Community Impact and Development Teams

Each year the Jewish Federation of St. Louis works with our volunteer and professional community leadership to assess the needs of our community and establish strategic plans to sustain our vibrant Jewish ecosystem. Through our partnerships with thousands of donors, we then raise over $15 million each year to meet those needs. Our volunteers then lead a community investment process to get those funds working to fulfill our mission through agencies, congregations, organizations and programs. Our team then evaluates those investments based on the impact they are having here in St. Louis, in Israel and wherever there is a need. This community impact and philanthropy work has been done since our inception in 1901 and remains the core of our work. 

Direct Services

Since 1983, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis has provided Direct Services that fill program gaps in the community and serve all individuals. Jewish Federation has four key direct services:

• St. Louis Holocaust Museum & Learning Center (HMLC): The HMLC houses a 5,000-square-foot core exhibition that provides a chronological history of the Holocaust with personal accounts of Holocaust survivors who immigrated to St. Louis. More than a half million visitors have toured the museum during its 20+ year existence. The HMLC also manages the St. Louis Jewish Community Archives providing a historical record of our St. Louis Jewish history open to area researchers by appointment. 

• Center for Jewish Learning (CJL): A community resource to facilitate and convene the Jewish community around issues pertaining to Jewish education and continued Jewish learning opportunities. The CJL also operates the Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library, which promotes the exploration of the rich world of Jewish knowledge and culture through convenient access to an evolving collection of Jewish resources and unique programming. 

• St. Louis Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC):

A non-sectarian program that supports the healthy aging of adults 60+ in their own homes by providing opportunities for meaningful community involvement, increased access to support services and on-site programming.

Community Engagement Programs

The Jewish Federation offers the following programs to engage individuals and support our local Jewish ecosystem: 

• Millstone Institute/JProStl: A community wide approach to engaging, strengthening and inspiring professionals and volunteer leaders in our community through workshops, seminars, institutional governance training and Jewish learning opportunities. 

• CHAI’ St. Louis: If you are thinking about moving to St. Louis or have recently moved, contact us through CHAI’ St. Louis, and one of our staff members will help you get connected. If you are Israeli, check out our Israeli resource page to meet other Israelis here in St. Louis. 

• Israel Center: Inspiring and supporting engagement with travel to Israel by coordinating trips and missions and consulting with individuals, groups and synagogues to create a meaningful Israel experience and offer funding resources. 

• One Happy Camper: One Happy Camper grants up to $1,000 to first- through 12th-graders who have never been to Jewish overnight camp. The grant can be applied toward a minimum 19-day session at one of 150+ nonprofit Jewish summer camps.

• PJ Library: Jewish family engagement program designed to strengthen the identities of Jewish families and their relationship to the Jewish community through free Jewish books.

• Professional Society: The Professional Society convenes, connects and catalyzes individuals committed to the work of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis based on industry, sh ared interests and involvements through high-level social, networking and educational opportunities. 

• The Rubin Israel Experience: The Rubin Israel Experience is an incredible opportunity for Jewish St. Louisans ages 35-50 who have never traveled to Israel to do so with their peers at no cost. It is the hope and expectation that this unique Israel experience inspires its participants, upon return, to be full of energy and passion for Jewish community involvement. 

• Shalom Baby: Welcoming Jewish babies to St. Louis and to the Jewish community by providing a package of gifts from the community to families who have recently experienced the birth or adoption of a child.

• YPD: Our Young Adult Initiative builds and sustains an inspired, thriving community of Jewish, engaged young adults who are empowered and committed to inclusion, leadership, philanthropy and outreach. 

Supporting Jewish community 


Finally, the Federation also offers the following services to organizations: 

• The Federation supports a Community Security Director to consult with all Jewish organizations. The Director maintains our RAVE/Security Support Platform, an emergency communications platform used to increase situational awareness in case of a natural or human-caused emergency.

• The Insurance Pool helps organizations by providing cost savings and competitive rates for group insurance.

• Accounting and Business Services provide services to local Jewish organizations at a competitive rate.