H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy

Rabbi Yaakov Green

1138 N. Warson Road

St. Louis, Mo. 63132

314-994-7856 • fax: 314-994-9437

website: www.eha.org


Rabbi Yaakov Green, Head of School

Anthony Graham, Academic Principal

The H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy is a child-centered Orthodox Jewish community day school, inspired by Torah and dedicated to the Jewish people and the State of Israel. For 75 years, the school has been anchored in tradition and committed to educating children of various backgrounds and affiliations through a rigorous curriculum of text-based Judaic studies and rigorous studies. Alongside this hallowed history is a passionate sense of constant evolution and an ever-present thirst for newness and cutting-edge change. It is this drive to stay child-learner focused through employing today’s research and best practices within pedagogy that is at the heart and soul of how we learn with each and every child.

Our caring and passionate faculty provides such a sweet harmonious balance within the classroom experience. An environment that is both innovative and academically excellent. Both nurturing and loving to their neshamot (their souls) and their minds. We consider it an honor to guide our students down a lifelong path of curiosity, middot tovot (positive character traits), and Torah in a culture that fosters warmth and interpersonal responsibility. The school environment is one in which children learn the beauty and value of where they come from while using 21st-century tools. Small class sizes and an individualized approach to education maximize each child’s potential, and our robust department of student support services and in-class differentiated learning program means that every student will learn in the most custom-tailored, effective and engaging way.

The Academy includes a state-of-the-art maker space, organic vegetable garden, Judaic and general studies libraries, playgrounds and ball fields, including a brand new developmentally designed early childhood playground, 1:1 technology program for students in fifth through eighth grades, an early childhood music program, Beit Midrash and so much more. We pride ourselves on working with every family to ensure that every Jewish child may receive an Epstein education, and the tuition assistance program is offered in the most dignified, respectful and quiet manner. 

The Academy offers a wide range of afterschool activities that include taekwondo, art, chess, choir, sewing, computer coding and video game design, Scouts, Girls on the Run and other sports. The school is accredited by ISACS, the Independent Schools Association of the Central States, and is associated with both the Torah U’Mesorah network of schools and the Prizma Day school network.

PTA, Epstein’s parent organization, is active throughout the school and orchestrates many FUNraisers and events for our parent body throughout the year. 

Melanie Winograd is Board President.