Esther Miller Bais Yaakov

700 North and South Road

St. Louis, Mo. 63130

314-863-9230 • fax: 314-593-4037

email: [email protected]

Rebbetzin Tova Greenblatt — Menahales

Hortense Lewis — General Studies Principal

Esther Miller Bais Yaakov offers a comprehensive dual program in Jewish and General Studies for 9th through 12th grade girls. A firm commitment to Torah ideals qualifies students to pursue seminary and college upon graduation. Extracurricular activities promote leadership, community involvement, and personal development. Located in U. City Shul, Esther Miller Bais Yaakov houses six classrooms, a computer room, a brand new Science Lab, four offices and a dining room/social hall, which also serves as a student lounge. 

Dov Axelbaum is President.