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Ameinu is a new progressive Zionist organization with a commitment to peace, social justice and the centrality of Israel for the Jewish people. Ameinu means “Our People” in Hebrew.  Ameinu works to promote peace, social justice and pluralism in Israel and America through a variety of programs and advocacy activities.  Our relationship with Israeli grassroots activists allows members in the U.S. to impact Israeli issues such as poverty, women’s rights, labor struggles, religious pluralism, Arab rights and new forms of cooperative living.

Ameinu seeks your participation in creating a new St. Louis Jewish branch of a vibrant growing national organization which will serve to:

1. Bring in Israeli leaders with whom we share a vision of a secure and just Israel at peace with its neighbors.

2. Be a forum for engaging like-minded individuals in St. Louis who share a strong bond with Israel and care about security and peace as well as equal rights for those within Israel’s borders.

3. Engage in activities to promote a democratic and inclusive Jewish community; serve as catalyst, teacher and guide for the next generation of (Zionist) Jewish leadership, and political advocacy for progressive Israeli politicians that will guarantee that a liberal voice and progressive values have a seat at the table within the organized Jewish community.

Ameinu provides a local, national and online infrastructure to gather and hear speakers, celebrate life, discuss American and Israeli causes that matter to us all and to actively engage in their solutions.

Ameinu cuts across regions and ages; our members include college students, baby boomers and veteran activists.

Bob Olshan and Carolyn Amacher are Co- Chairs.