Winslow’s Table debuting bagels to see how we like ’em


Nestled along the stretch of Delmar, just west of the Loop, sits the quaint building housing Winslow’s Table.

The former sit-down restaurant has transformed into one of those charming little places that provide local food, local craft drinks, and unique gifts. The kind of place that makes you feel good about getting out for weekend brunch. And, this weekend there is a new reason to check them out, bagels!

“We don’t typically have bagels, so we’re doing a special run to see what the customer demand is,” said

Tara Gallina, the Co-Owner of Winslow’s Table. “Bagels are a passion of our baker, Josh Novack and we know that the St. Louis community is always looking for great bagels.”

Novack and the team will offer their popular Breakfast Sandwich on the new bagels, along with a new menu item, the Bagel Plate: a fresh bagel with smoked trout spread, pickled and marinated veggies, and lots of New York attitude.

There are many things that go into making a great bagel,” said Novack. “But I believe the most important part is lightly boiling the bagel in sugary water to make the crust have the perfect chew.”

Winslow’s Table is located at 7213 Delmar, University City, 63130. They are open for breakfast from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.