When holidays collide: Sufganiyot with a touch of egg nog

Egg-Nog Sufganiyot

By Shannon Sarna, The Nosher via JTA

It’s sufganiyot season, and there are few things that make me as enthralled as legitimate, cultural/religious reason to eat copious amounts of freshly fried donuts.

Sufganiyot, or donuts, are traditionally round fried donuts filled with raspberry jam and dusted with powdered sugar. But in Israel, much like here in the States, beautiful, diverse flavors increasingly take over in abundance each year. I love seeing photos from friends in Israel chronicling the beautiful displays of sufganiyot.

This year, Christmas and Hanukkah fall on the same nights, and so I wanted to mash-up the holidays and celebrate with one glorious, spiced hybrid: eggnog donuts. I added dark, sweet rum to the glaze, but of course you can leave it off and just use store-bought eggnog. Or even plain milk.

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