Traditional Chicken Soup

 Submitted by Anat Reschke


1 large chicken (or 2 small chickens) cut into quarters

2-3 marrow bones

2-3 beef bones

4-5 carrots

4-5 celery stalks (individual, not the bunch)

1-2 onions


1 tomato

1 green pepper

1 turnip

1 parsnip


Bunch of parsley

Bunch of dill

Very large soupspoon of salt

Black pepper (about a tea spoon)


1.       Wash and peel all vegetables that require peeling.

2.       Remove excess fat from chicken (leave skin on).

3.       Put all ingredients in a large stockpot and fill pot with cold water.

4.       Cover pot and bring to a boil.

5.       Lower the flame and simmer for about an hour (or until chicken is tender). Leave the lid a little open, so that steam can escape while simmering.

6.       When soup is done, remove ingredients (allowing liquid to remain in pot).

7.       Refrigerate the soup for 1-2 days so that the fat coagulates on the top. Scrape the fat off.

8.       Return ingredients to the soup, warm, and enjoy!