The Jewish Herbal: Apricot


Sweet apricot kernel in a tiny bowl. CC public domain

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The Jewish Herbal: Mystical Reflections on Food, Nature and Urban Farming” is a regular column by Devorah Brous charting the ways we can use mystical Jewish wisdom, earth-based practices and herbal wellness to reconnect with ourselves in harmony with nature. Dev is an urban homesteader, lifecycle ritualist, and green consultant in Los Angeles. Find her online offerings @Dev.Brous

We planted a Blenheim apricot tree when we moved to our home in Los Angeles. Ten years later it stands 14 feet tall and provides hang-upside-down branches for the kids, an abundant food source for the neighborhood, a much-needed shade canopy for our urban homestead during blazing hot Valley days – and insane summertime snacks. Pie. Or sorbet.

There is a long list of reasons to eat up your apricots as any Jewish grandmother will tell you, especially if you tend toward getting stuck downstairs (constipated) or crave a healthy regimen of moisturizing your skin with hydrating botanical body butters in the dry summer months.