Susie Fishbein on Passover cooking

BY SUSIE FISHBEIN, courtesy Dannon All Natural,

Kosher cookbook author Susie Fishbein shares three of her Passover cooking tips:

1. Smart substitutions: During Passover, many foods tend to be dry or high in fat/calories. Dannon All Natural kosher for Passover yogurt can be a great substitute for ingredients such as sour cream. Your dishes will be moist and nutritious.

2. Think outside the box: Be creative and don’t limit yourself to the Passover staples. You can enjoy a chef’s salad, grilled chicken, poached salmon, assorted cheeses or simply a yogurt.

3. Less is more: With all the ingredient restrictions for the holiday, simplicity is the way to go. Olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper do wonders for ordinary everyday ingredients – fresh roasted root vegetables are just one example of food that can be enjoyed in its natural form with just a little help.