Sticky Cinnamon Bun Rugelach

Sticky Cinnamon Bun Rugelach, Photo By Samantha Ferraro

By Samantha Ferraro , The Nosher via JTA

Sticky cinnamon bun, meet your new BFF, the rugelach. I think you two will get along very well.

I know we’re just getting over fried food and latkes galore, but December really isn’t for cutting back. It’s about holidays, snuggling up by the fire and cookie exchanges. Jan. 1 can just take its turn and wait. But a word of caution: These sticky bun rugelach may be the most indulgent rugelach you have ever tasted. And while I recognize there is nothing like the traditional jam and nut-filled rugelach of my grandmother’s generation, this updated version will not disappoint. With this recipe, I’ve taken my favorite rugelach dough and spiced it up with cinnamon and orange zest and then rolled the cookies with homemade caramel sauce and caramelized nuts and raisins. (Note: Allow the caramel sauce to cool to room temperature before rolling; I learned this the hard way.) After rolled, you can continue to take this over the top with some cinnamon streusel. And finally, as it’s fresh out of the oven, drizzle a bit more caramel sauce and icing. Slide on your comfiest pants and get baking. You won’t regret it … or at least not until January.

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