Staples for Quick Summer Meals:

In your refrigerator:

• Variety of fresh salad greens including romaine, kale, spinach


Dijon or yellow mustard

Fresh lemons


Red bell pepper




Fresh grated Parmesan cheese

Feta, bleu cheese, or goat cheese, for crumbling 

Assorted hard cheeses for shredding

Assorted olives, capers, and/or pickles

In your pantry:

• Canned beans (garbanzo, kidney)

• Vinegars (red-wine, white wine, balsamic

• Olive oil

• Tahini paste

• Nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, and/or pine nuts, to toast or not)

• Seeds- pumpkin and sunflower (to toast or not)

• Coarse kosher salt

• Black peppercorns

• Crushed red pepper flakes

• Variety of dried pastas

• Tuna fish

In a counter-top basket:

• Onions, yellow and red

• Shallots

• Fresh garlic

• Potatoes, regular and sweet

• Tomatoes

In your garden:

• Assorted fresh herbs

In your freezer:

• Corn kernels

• Peas

• Individual portions frozen boneless chicken- breast or thighs

• Boneless sirloin steak

• Salmon or trout fillets