Sheri Sherman’s Oat Matzah Brei

Sheri Sherman

Because these matzahs are more fragile than regular ones, they absorb liquid much faster. Therefore, Sheri suggests soaking them only breifly.

2 eggs

1 sheet oat matzah

1-2 tablespoons butter, for pan

Ground flax seed (flaxmeal), for sprinkling, as desired

Ground cinnamon, for sprinkling, as desired

Beat eggs in a medium bowl. Break up 1 sheet of matzah into 2-inch pieces and add to the eggs. Immediately melt butter in a skillet over medium-high heat.  When butter is melted, pour egg-matzah mixture into pan, making sure that the matzah pieces are evenly distributed.  

Let mixture set, and then flip it whole, just like a pancake. Continue to sauté on the other side just until the Matzah Brei is cooked through.  

Turn out onto a plate and sprinkle with ground flax and cinnamon.  

Makes 1 serving.