Sheri Schwartz’s Chicken Soup

Submitted by Scott Schwartz

 Sheri starts out with a huge soup pot that hold 4 gallons. 


2 pkgs of chicken legs, 2 pkgs of thighs, 2 pkgs of wings…It adds up to about 10 lbs. (the dark meat gives the soup its richness and flavor)

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4 onions

2 turnips

1 pack of baby carrots,

1 pack of celery

4 cubes of Telma chicken consomme

A few turns of a pepper mill


1. First put water in the pot just a couple inches or so to cover the bottom so the ingredients don’t stick to the bottom.

2. Put in all the ingredients.

3. Fill the pot up with more water so all the ingredients are covered by the water

4. Cook on stove for 2 hours, the first hour on medium to high (it takes a long time for all that to heat up) then the second hour on low to simmer

5. After the 2 hours, let it cool and take out the chicken and carrots and hold off to the side in a dish.

6. Now, here’s the secret that makes her soup legendary: After removing the chicken and carrots, take cheesecloth and strain the soup twice.  Throw out the other vegetables.

7. Keep the chicken and the carrots to put in the soup when you serve it.  When putting in the fridge for leftovers, there is no fat that hardens on the top.  The soup is so rich it literally gels.