Rene Price’s Teiglach Recipe

Rene Price got this recipe from her mom’s best friend, Sylvia, who Rene referred to as “Aunty Sylvia.” The recipe calls for 4 pounds of syrup, a syrup that Rene remembers being different than honey. A good substitute might be cane sugar syrup, which can be found at Global Foods Market or Whole Foods.  
·      6 eggs
·      1 tsp ginger
·      1 tsp sugar
·      1 egg cup oil
·      Flour – about 3 cups (Flour needed depends on egg shell size, and the amount of oil it measures. Dough must be a sticky consistency.)
1.     Roll pieces of dough and then shape into round doughnut shapes with a hole in middle.
2.     While you are working the dough, please keep bowl of dough covered with a wet cloth. You want to keep dough moist.
3.     Place doughnut shaped teiglach on floured baking tray and when dough is complete place tray in 150-degree oven to dry outside of dough.
4.     Leave in oven 2 to 3 hours. You want the outside to be dry and the inside will be moist. You are not cooking the teiglach.
·      4lbs syrup
·      1tsp ginger
·      1 cup sugar
·      2 cups boiling water
1.     Heat syrup mixture in very wide pan across multiple burners of stove.
2.     Bring syrup  to boil.
3.     Add teiglach to syrup.
4.     It will cook fast.
5.     When they are ready switch off stove and add 2 cups boiling water to boiling syrup pan.
6.     Take teiglach out and put on a damp board. 
7.     Sprinkle with sugar, small quantities at a time.
8.     The boiling process should take about 1 hour.
Important tip: When you think the teiglach look ready, leave it for a few more minutes, then add the water.