Meyer Lemon Pasta


Sea salt

1 pound dry linguine

3-5 ounces freshly grated Parmesan cheese, as desired

2 Meyer Lemons plus 1 additional, as desired

3 handfuls arugula

1 cup Cr ème Fraiche

Freshly ground pepper


Mix a teaspoon of salt into a large pot of water and bring to a boil. Add pasta and cook according to package directions.

While the pasta cooks, place a generous handful of grated cheese into a large serving bowl. Zest the skins of the 3 lemons directly into the bowl. Add the arugula and toss all ingredients to combine.

Juice two of the Meyer Lemons, remove seeds, and add to mixture in bowl. Set bowl aside on counter.

Reserve 1 cup of pasta water and drain pasta.

Add drained pasta to bowl with cheese, arugula, and zest and mix gently.

Working quickly, sprinkle pasta with reserved lemon juice and 1/2 cup reserved pasta water. Fold Cr ème Fraiche into the pasta mixture.

Add salt, black pepper, and additional lemon juice and cheese, as desired. If sauce is too sticky, add more pasta water. Serve immediately.

Makes 4-6 servings.