How Jewish St. Louisans can celebrate National Apple Strudel Day


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

In German, the word “strudel” means whirlpool or eddy. This tasty dessert, which became popular in Eastern European Jewish communities, is among the most passed-down recipe in the archives of the Jewish Light, with over 25 variations printed over the years.

Now it’s time to celebrate the most popular of the strudels, the apple variety. Saturday, June 17, is National Apple Strudel Day.

A brief history of strudel

Often mistaken for being of German origin, the oldest known strudel recipe dates back to 1697 and survives today in a handwritten cookbook in the Vienna Town Hall Library. The pastry grew in popularity in the 18th century with the expansion of the Austrian Habsburg Empire.

How to celebrate #AppleStrudelDay

There are basically two ways to celebrate. Visit your favorite bakery for a slice or make your own. We’ve got you covered for both.


In St. Louis, you have plentiful options to calm your strudel cravings, starting with St. Louis’ own strudel celebrity.

“When I found out it was National Apple Strudel Day, I felt my Bobba would be so happy and proud that her ‘recipe’ and tradition is still continuing on to this day,” said Jodie Bertish, known around St. Louis as the “Jewish Strudel Lady.”

As Jewish Light Editor-in-Chief Ellen Futterman reported in 2021, Bertish’s grandmother was known for her strudel, so, at her father’s suggestion, Bertish started playing around with the ingredients to duplicate her Bobba’s brand. The problem was Bobba didn’t write down her recipe. Like many Jewish great-grandmothers of a certain time, she kept it in her head.

Bertish spent hours experimenting, working hard to get the pastry dough thin and flaky, just like Bobba’s, and the apple filling bursting with flavor. Finally, her father declared one of her creations a winner.

“I just remember that it was a special dessert that my Bobba made and I was excited to be able to recreate it without having a specific recipe.”

That recipe eventually led Bertish to open her own bakery, Delectable Dough, which is now located inside the Trolley Stop Bakery, in Chesterfield. Bertish is now ready to celebrate!

“We are offering free samples of our famous apple strudel to everyone all weekend long,” said Bertish.

Delectable Dough
67 Forum Shopping Center
Chesterfield, MO 63017
(314) 295-4898

Where else to find strudel in St. Louis?

Our search for strudel came up with multiple options for you to try. Each of the following have apple strudel on the menu, but we recommend calling ahead to make sure.

Missouri Baking Company
2027 Edwards Street

Hank’s Cheesecake
1063 S Big Bend Blvd
314- 781-0300

Federhofer’s Bakery
9005 Gravois Road

Kolache Factory
2604 S. Brentwood Blvd.

Make your own apple strudel

Here are two printable recipes for apple strudel from our archives.