Don’t sleep on Trader Joe’s new Dill Pickle Falafel

Grab these mini falafel before they are gone forever.



Trader Joe’s is truly the gift that keeps on giving. From za’atar to everything bagel seasoned smoked salmon, it seems the chain has limitless ideas for new spins on classic Jewish and Middle Eastern cuisine. Recently, Trader Joe’s has released what I consider to be the most exciting Jewish food innovation to date: the limited edition dill pickle mini falafel.

Falafel is a staple dish in Israel and throughout the Middle East, made from chickpeas (or sometimes fava beans), fresh herbs and spices, then fried into addictive little balls or patties. Whether you stuff them into some pita, serve on top of fluffy rice, or add them to a big green salad, falafel is versatile, delicious and vegetarian too.

When I learned that Trader Joe’s was selling dill pickle falafel, I knew I had to book it and grab some right away. Vegan and found in the frozen food aisle, I’m pleased to say this falafel fully lives up to the hype. All it takes is 10-15 minutes in the oven (for preferred crispiness) or in the microwave for about two minutes to dig into this exceptionally tasty falafel. Similarly to adding crunchy pickles to a falafel sandwich, the tanginess of the dill pickle flavor in these mini falafels is the perfect way to add something special to the familiar taste. The falafel mix is actually soaked in pickle brine for ultimate pickle flavor.

Trader Joe’s fans know that even beloved products can come and go off the shelves without any notice, so don’t wait to grab a bag of your own because they are marked as limited edition.