Yep, Manischewitz introducing ‘Crypto Gelt’


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

Just months after releasing its “gefilte dogs” for July 4th, our good friends at Manischewitz are at it again this holiday season, launching a brand-new product that will forever change Hanukkah for the better. Introducing Manischewitz Crypto Gelt: the most revolutionary innovation in the field of Hanukkah since the introduction of the dreidel itself!

It’s 2022, after all, traditional coins are a relic of the past with most often found in between couch cushions, or in your car. The time is right to trade in your traditional chocolate coins for Manischewitz Crypto Gelt – sure to be the smartest (and tastiest!) crypto investment in your portfolio.

According to Manischewitz, Crypto Gelt is the very first edible chocolate “crypto” coin for the entire family to devour, collect, share and trade this holiday season. Like the cryptocurrencies that have taken over the digital economy, Manischewitz Crypto Gelt is sure to be the talk of every dreidel game this Hanukkah season and beyond.

But fear not – unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are completely digital, usually without physical form– Manischewitz Crypto Gelt is made from the tastiest milk chocolate you’ll ever lay your hands on, in packaging that mirrors the most well-known logos of popular cryptocurrency. Wrapped in gold, Manischewitz Crypto Gelt can be easily identified by their resemblance to real gold coins, with a stylized “M” (for Manischewitz, of course!) with vertical strokes from the dollar sign incorporated above and below to exude a visual nod to the dollar sign.

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The Crypto Gelt is sold in a package of 36 bags.  It is also sold in individual bags with four coins per bag. To purchase on Amazon, visit the Manischewitz Amazon store.