Have you seen this menorah? Help us solve a mystery


Jordan Palmer, Chief Digital Content Officer

When we look back at our lives, we can probably count on both hands and feet the number of times we did something that we wish you could take back. Hopefully, most are minor, but still, crawl under your skin. Like the time when I was 10ish, and David Perkell taught me the game of baseball card flipping and made me play my 1967 Roger Maris card.  Still bugs me that I lost that card.So, if you have ever felt the need for a do-over, you can sympathize with the plight of a former St. Louis family, who is now turning to the St. Louis Jewish Light and all of you, dear readers for some help.

“So, Jordan, I resigned to the apparent reality that the menorah was long gone. But, in the back of my mind, I wondered if the Jewish Light would be my next, and perhaps most logical, attempt to put the menorah photo out there in the hopes that someone would recognize it and know its whereabouts. This sort of resembles posting a lost pet announcement, lol,” said the family, who wishes to remain anonymous, in an email.

Help us find this menorah

So, let’s get to work.

Admittedly the photo is not great, but hopefully, it’s enough to work with. The family says the menorah was made of metal, black and bronze in color with a dual mosaic of two Maccabees facing one another. It also housed a music box at the bottom that plays “Rock of Ages.”

Beth Shalom Cemetery ad

The family accidentally included the menorah in items that were to be sold in an estate sale in 2014.

“How is it possible to leave a treasured family belonging behind in the home of one’s last parent to pass away, for the estate sale coordinator to include among the items for sale to the general public? Perhaps it is the emotional stress and strain of going through the wealth of items at the homestead where you grew up, having just lost your remaining parent,” wrote the family, to try and explain how this could happen to anyone.

The estate sale was open to the public.

“We believe our family heirloom was purchased by an antique mall buyer at the estate sale and then presumably sold at the antique mall (on Fee Fee Rd in Creve Coeur) to an unknown individual in the general public,” said the family. “We will offer you more than you paid for it.”

What to do

If you recognize this menorah or think you have any new information to provide this family, I humbly ask you to reach me via email at [email protected]. I will communicate with the family and connect you with them per their directions. Please share this story on your social platforms and let’s see if we can make another Hanukkah miracle come true for this family.