H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy

Address: 1138 N. Warson Road St. Louis, Mo. 63132

Phone: 314-994-7856

Website: eha.org

Email: [email protected]

Rabbi M. Shulman, Head of School

Itta Boyko, Academic Principal

The H.F. Epstein Hebrew Academy is a child-centered Orthodox Jewish community day school, committed to inspiring our youth through Torah, and educating the leaders of tomorrow, dedicated to the Jewish people and the State of Israel. For 75 years, the school has been anchored in tradition and committed to educating Jewish children of all backgrounds and affiliations through a rigorous curriculum of text-based Judaic studies and a full general studies curriculum. We believe that through Torah we study G-d’s words, and through science and general studies we study G-d’s world.

Alongside this hallowed history is a passionate sense of constant evolution and an ever-present thirst for newness and cutting-edge change. It is this drive to stay child-learner focused through employing today’s research and best practices within pedagogy that is at the heart and soul of how we learn with each and every child.