Beit Shira

Howard Shalowitz

Address: 29 Beacon Hill Lane Creve Coeur, Mo. 63141

Phone: 314-277-9977 • Fax: 314-392-9912

Email: [email protected]


Hazzan Howard Shalowitz

Beit Shira (House of Song) was founded on the eve of Shabbat Shira in 2011 as a synagogue and learning center devoted to quality Jewish music with no membership dues or charge for programs offered. Beginning in October, 2018, Beit Shira’s “Hebrew School of the Arts” will offer free classes for children (ages 5 – 8) and their parents.  Beit Shira welcomes Jews of all ages regardless of their level of observance, educational level or affiliation. Our goals are to enrich lives through music, educate in all aspects of Jewish music, and enhance services through quality Jewish music.  Beit Shira offers free lectures, classes, concerts, and ba’al t’filah lessons.  Beit Shira’s hazzan has led the lighting of the Chanukiyah at the Missouri Governor’s mansion, and has worked in conjunction with many synagogues and schools throughout North America by leading services and teaching classes.