Wolk-Adler Wedding


Chaim Yonah Adler and Kate Wolk

Chaim Yonah Adler and Kate Wolk married May 28, 2023 at Nusach Hari B’nai Zion. 

Chaim is the son of Richard Adler of St. Louis. Kate is the daughter of Michael and Susan Wolk of Collinsville, Ill.

Rabbi Levi Shemtov of Chabad of Washington, D.C. officiated. Rabbi Yitzy Ceitlin of the Chabad East DC Jewish Center in Washington, D.C. and Rabbi Levi Raichik of Chabad on Campus at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio were the Eidei Kiddushin. Rabbi Hershey Novack of Chabad at WashU read the Ketubah. Rabbi Yosef Landa of Chabad of Greater St. Louis read the Rebbe’s Letter. 

Kate and Chaim were introduced by Chana Novack of Chabad at WashU. The couple reside in St. Louis, but will move to Houston at the end of the summer.