Strasberg 50th Anniversary

Steven and Yona Strasberg

Steven and Yona Strasberg celebrated their 50th anniversary June 13, 2013. Both were born in Toronto. In 1992 Steven, the Pruett Professor of Surgery, and Yona, a diabetes nurse, came to St. Louis to work at Washington University School of Medicine. Steven is a hepato-pancreatic surgeon at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Yona worked as a clinical trials coordinator at Barnes until 2003. They both met at Camp Massad in Ontario.

All four of their children, Dr. Suzanne Strasberg, Jennifer Strasberg, a lawyer, Adam Strasberg, a teacher and Dr. Jessica Strasberg reside in Toronto as well as their 10 grandchildren.

Steven and Yona travel extensively all over the world where Steven is asked to speak on his innovative surgery and research. During July, 2012 he received a Lifetime Achievement award in Paris for his work in pancreatic cancer at the International Hepato Library and Pancreatic Association.`